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Anna Keay

My educated guess on the arrival of the infamous 40 ft container is September 29th, 2009. Sign me up for the pouf... I don't really know what a pouf is, but I am excited to win one!!!!
Anna Keay

Liz Potter

I believe that the 40 ft container will arrive on October the 5th :) I really want a pouf:)

Tim Tattersall

October 23 keeps ringing through my head .... and so October 23 it will be!

Tim Tattersall

Betsy Greene

Cute poufs! I want one! I have a creepy feeling it will arrive on Oct. 31st!

Betsy Greene
South Pointe Gallery

Doris Lang

October 10, 2009 your shipment will come in


Hmmm...I was thinking Oct. 23rd as well, but I think there will be some random holdup and you will have to wait impatiently until the 26th to get it. Sooo...Oct. 26th is my final answer. :p


I think it is October 10- so what is a pouf?

Paula Fava

I want a poof sooner than later ... so, my guess is September 27th ... this year!


Like everything on Maui - multiply time by 3 and add you age in dog years I'd say Nov.7

Paula Corcoran

24th of October, 2009 is when I believe the shipment will arrive.
Big blessings, Paula Corcoran

Paula Corcoran

Hmmm ... it did not show up ... one more time. 24th of October, 2009.

Melissa Stewart-Kern

I will call upon Cupid and guess my beloved's birthday: Nov 12.

Best of luck and Warmest Aloha,

Liz Potter

what? still no box i am guessing again:) I say it will be her nov 4

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